2nd XI Hampshire Area - Division 1 - 1993-1994

Date Time Home Away Venue Replay
05-Mar Aldershot & Farnham US Portsmouth
05-Mar Eastleigh Southampton University
05-Mar Esso University of Portsmouth
05-Mar Ferndown Poole
05-Mar Isle of Wight Pirelli
05-Mar Old Edwardians Portsmouth & Southsea
05-Mar Yateley Weymouth
26-Feb Old Edwardians Weymouth
26-Feb Pirelli Ferndown
26-Feb Poole Esso
26-Feb Portsmouth & Southsea Isle of Wight
26-Feb Southampton University Aldershot & Farnham
26-Feb University of Portsmouth Eastleigh
26-Feb US Portsmouth Yateley
19-Feb Aldershot & Farnham University of Portsmouth
19-Feb Eastleigh Poole
19-Feb Esso Pirelli
19-Feb Ferndown Portsmouth & Southsea
19-Feb Isle of Wight Old Edwardians
19-Feb Weymouth US Portsmouth
19-Feb Yateley Southampton University
12-Feb Isle of Wight Weymouth
12-Feb Old Edwardians Ferndown
12-Feb Pirelli Eastleigh
12-Feb Poole Aldershot & Farnham
12-Feb Portsmouth & Southsea Esso
12-Feb Southampton University US Portsmouth
12-Feb University of Portsmouth Yateley
05-Feb Aldershot & Farnham Pirelli
05-Feb Eastleigh Portsmouth & Southsea
05-Feb Esso Old Edwardians
05-Feb Ferndown Isle of Wight
05-Feb US Portsmouth University of Portsmouth
05-Feb Weymouth Southampton University
05-Feb Yateley Poole
29-Jan Ferndown Weymouth
29-Jan Isle of Wight Esso
29-Jan Old Edwardians Eastleigh
29-Jan Pirelli Yateley
29-Jan Poole US Portsmouth
29-Jan Portsmouth & Southsea Aldershot & Farnham
29-Jan University of Portsmouth Southampton University
04-Dec Aldershot & Farnham Old Edwardians
04-Dec Eastleigh Isle of Wight
04-Dec Esso Ferndown
04-Dec Southampton University Poole
04-Dec US Portsmouth Pirelli
04-Dec Weymouth University of Portsmouth
04-Dec Yateley Portsmouth & Southsea
27-Nov Esso Weymouth
27-Nov Ferndown Eastleigh
27-Nov Isle of Wight Aldershot & Farnham
27-Nov Old Edwardians Yateley
27-Nov Pirelli Southampton University
27-Nov Poole University of Portsmouth
27-Nov Portsmouth & Southsea US Portsmouth
20-Nov Aldershot & Farnham Ferndown
20-Nov Eastleigh Esso
20-Nov Southampton University Portsmouth & Southsea
20-Nov University of Portsmouth Pirelli
20-Nov US Portsmouth Old Edwardians
20-Nov Weymouth Poole
20-Nov Yateley Isle of Wight
13-Nov Eastleigh Weymouth
13-Nov Esso Aldershot & Farnham
13-Nov Ferndown Yateley
13-Nov Isle of Wight US Portsmouth
13-Nov Old Edwardians Southampton University
13-Nov Pirelli Poole
13-Nov Portsmouth & Southsea University of Portsmouth
06-Nov Aldershot & Farnham Eastleigh
06-Nov Poole Portsmouth & Southsea
06-Nov Southampton University Isle of Wight
06-Nov University of Portsmouth Old Edwardians
06-Nov US Portsmouth Ferndown
06-Nov Weymouth Pirelli
06-Nov Yateley Esso
30-Oct Aldershot & Farnham Weymouth
30-Oct Eastleigh Yateley
30-Oct Esso US Portsmouth
30-Oct Ferndown Southampton University
30-Oct Isle of Wight University of Portsmouth
30-Oct Old Edwardians Poole
30-Oct Portsmouth & Southsea Pirelli
23-Oct Pirelli Old Edwardians
23-Oct Poole Isle of Wight
23-Oct Southampton University Esso
23-Oct University of Portsmouth Ferndown
23-Oct US Portsmouth Eastleigh
23-Oct Weymouth Portsmouth & Southsea
23-Oct Yateley Aldershot & Farnham