About this Website

Although this website is under continual development the basic structure and contents will very much remain as follows:

  • Home

    The Home page contains important messages and updates.

  • Fixtures

    Fixtures, aside from recent suspended seasons, are historical matches where no documentation of past match results has been located. If you have information on these missing match results please forward details to archives@south-league.net to add to the records.

  • Results

    Results are those historical matches where documentation does exist and includes goal scorers per match when collected. Where match results are available they provide statistics for tables and other analyses of team results.

  • Scorers

    Scorers are mostly for divisions where secretaries recorded goal scorers but do include some additional goal scorers when published in match results. If you have information on additional goal scorers or would like to add your personal record in League matches please forward details to archives@south-league.net.

  • Tables

    Tables are generated from match results where ever possible but can be from published Tables where historical match result statistics are not available. Discrepancies between Tables and match results may occur where there have been past printing mistakes or errors in calculating the Table.

  • Information

    The information section contains any thing that does not easily fit into the sections above and includes past committee details, club and team honours and play off results.

Other sections of content include:

  • Honours

    The Honours pages list Premier, Regional & County division Winners and Runners-up for each of the seasons a division existed, at 1st XI, 2nd XI, 3rd XI and Open XIs.

  • Playoffs

    The Playoffs pages contain records and reports of Promotion Playoffs held for Premier and Regional divisions.

  • Privacy

    The Privacy section contains information on Privacy Policy, Intellectual Property, Terms of Use and Cookies.

  • Seasons

    Each Season page details all divisions of the League for a season, with links to available fixtures, results, scorers and tables. The page also indicates the completeness of information for each division in that season.

  • Winners

    The Winners section contains a list per season of the winning teams of each division.