League Winners 2004-2005

CONGRATULATIONS to all teams who have won their leagues:

1st XI Premier Division 1Oxted
1st XI Premier Division 2Sevenoaks
1st XI Hampshire/Surrey RegionalTrojans
1st XI Hampshire Division 1Haslemere
1st XI Hampshire Division 2Blandford
1st XI Surrey Division 1Old Midwhitgiftians
1st XI Surrey Division 2Walton & Weybridge
1st XI Kent/Sussex RegionalBlackheath
1st XI Kent/Sussex Division 1Old Bordenians
1st XI MBBO RegionalWest Hampstead
1st XI MBBO Division 1Newbury
1st XI MBBO Division 2Harrow
Open Premier Division 1Holcombe 2
Open Premier Division 2Barnes 2
Open Hampshire/Surrey RegionalLondon Wayfarers 2
Open Hampshire Division 1Hamble 2
Open Hampshire Division 2Trojans 3
Open Surrey Division 1Old Midwhitgiftians 2
Open Kent/Sussex RegionalHolcombe 3
Open Kent/Sussex Division 1Ashford 2
Open MBBO RegionalMilton Keynes 2
Open MBBO Division 1Wokingham 2
Open MBBO Division 2British Airways 2
Open MBBO Division 3Banbury 3

Mike Haymonds, Press Officer