Kent Area - Division 1 - 1979-1980

Date Time Home Away Venue Replay
01-Mar Anchorians Tonbridge
01-Mar Belvedere Thames Polytechnic
01-Mar Canterbury Bexleyheath
01-Mar Herne Bay City of London Polytechnic
01-Mar Maidstone Old Holcombeians
01-Mar Medway United Burnt Ash
01-Mar South Saxons Old Beccehamians
23-Feb Anchorians Medway United
23-Feb Bexleyheath Belvedere
23-Feb Burnt Ash Herne Bay
23-Feb City of London Polytechnic Maidstone
23-Feb Old Beccehamians Canterbury
23-Feb Old Holcombeians South Saxons
23-Feb Tonbridge Thames Polytechnic
16-Feb Belvedere Old Beccehamians
16-Feb Canterbury Old Holcombeians
16-Feb Herne Bay Anchorians
16-Feb Maidstone Burnt Ash
16-Feb Medway United Tonbridge
16-Feb South Saxons City of London Polytechnic
16-Feb Thames Polytechnic Bexleyheath
09-Feb Anchorians Maidstone
09-Feb Burnt Ash South Saxons
09-Feb City of London Polytechnic Canterbury
09-Feb Medway United Herne Bay
09-Feb Old Beccehamians Thames Polytechnic
09-Feb Old Holcombeians Belvedere
09-Feb Tonbridge Bexleyheath
02-Feb Belvedere City of London Polytechnic
02-Feb Bexleyheath Old Beccehamians
02-Feb Canterbury Burnt Ash
02-Feb Herne Bay Tonbridge
02-Feb Maidstone Medway United
02-Feb South Saxons Anchorians
02-Feb Thames Polytechnic Old Holcombeians
08-Dec Anchorians Canterbury
08-Dec Burnt Ash Belvedere
08-Dec City of London Polytechnic Thames Polytechnic
08-Dec Herne Bay Maidstone
08-Dec Medway United South Saxons
08-Dec Old Holcombeians Bexleyheath
08-Dec Tonbridge Old Beccehamians
01-Dec Belvedere Anchorians
01-Dec Bexleyheath City of London Polytechnic
01-Dec Canterbury Medway United
01-Dec Maidstone Tonbridge
01-Dec Old Beccehamians Old Holcombeians
01-Dec South Saxons Herne Bay
01-Dec Thames Polytechnic Burnt Ash
24-Nov Anchorians Thames Polytechnic
24-Nov Burnt Ash Bexleyheath
24-Nov City of London Polytechnic Old Beccehamians
24-Nov Herne Bay Canterbury
24-Nov Maidstone South Saxons
24-Nov Medway United Belvedere
24-Nov Tonbridge Old Holcombeians
17-Nov Belvedere Herne Bay
17-Nov Bexleyheath Anchorians
17-Nov Canterbury Maidstone
17-Nov Old Beccehamians Burnt Ash
17-Nov Old Holcombeians City of London Polytechnic
17-Nov South Saxons Tonbridge
17-Nov Thames Polytechnic Medway United
03-Nov Anchorians Old Beccehamians
03-Nov Burnt Ash Old Holcombeians
03-Nov Herne Bay Thames Polytechnic
03-Nov Maidstone Belvedere
03-Nov Medway United Bexleyheath
03-Nov South Saxons Canterbury
03-Nov Tonbridge City of London Polytechnic
27-Oct Belvedere South Saxons
27-Oct Bexleyheath Herne Bay
27-Oct Canterbury Tonbridge
27-Oct City of London Polytechnic Burnt Ash
27-Oct Old Beccehamians Medway United
27-Oct Old Holcombeians Anchorians
27-Oct Thames Polytechnic Maidstone
20-Oct Anchorians City of London Polytechnic
20-Oct Canterbury Belvedere
20-Oct Herne Bay Old Beccehamians
20-Oct Maidstone Bexleyheath
20-Oct Medway United Old Holcombeians
20-Oct South Saxons Thames Polytechnic
20-Oct Tonbridge Burnt Ash
13-Oct Belvedere Tonbridge
13-Oct Bexleyheath South Saxons
13-Oct Burnt Ash Anchorians
13-Oct City of London Polytechnic Medway United
13-Oct Old Beccehamians Maidstone
13-Oct Old Holcombeians Herne Bay
13-Oct Thames Polytechnic Canterbury