Kent Area - Division 1 - 1986-1987

Date Time Home Away Venue Replay
07-Mar Ashford Reeds
07-Mar Bexleyheath Burnt Ash
07-Mar BICC University of Kent
07-Mar Cliftonville Orpington
07-Mar Medway United Deal
07-Mar Old Holcombeians Templars
07-Mar Rochester & Gillingham Midland Bank
07-Mar Wellcome Greenwich
28-Feb Burnt Ash BICC
28-Feb Deal Cliftonville
28-Feb Greenwich Medway United
28-Feb Midland Bank Ashford
28-Feb Orpington Old Holcombeians
28-Feb Reeds Wellcome
28-Feb Templars Bexleyheath
28-Feb University of Kent Rochester & Gillingham
21-Feb Ashford University of Kent
21-Feb Bexleyheath BICC
21-Feb Cliftonville Greenwich
21-Feb Medway United Reeds
21-Feb Old Holcombeians Deal
21-Feb Rochester & Gillingham Burnt Ash
21-Feb Templars Orpington
21-Feb Wellcome Midland Bank
14-Feb BICC Rochester & Gillingham
14-Feb Burnt Ash Ashford
14-Feb Deal Templars
14-Feb Greenwich Old Holcombeians
14-Feb Midland Bank Medway United
14-Feb Orpington Bexleyheath
14-Feb Reeds Cliftonville
14-Feb University of Kent Wellcome
07-Feb Ashford BICC
07-Feb Bexleyheath Rochester & Gillingham
07-Feb Cliftonville Midland Bank
07-Feb Medway United University of Kent
07-Feb Old Holcombeians Reeds
07-Feb Orpington Deal
07-Feb Templars Greenwich
07-Feb Wellcome Burnt Ash
31-Jan BICC Wellcome
31-Jan Burnt Ash Medway United
31-Jan Deal Bexleyheath
31-Jan Greenwich Orpington
31-Jan Midland Bank Old Holcombeians
31-Jan Reeds Templars
31-Jan Rochester & Gillingham Ashford
31-Jan University of Kent Cliftonville
24-Jan Ashford Bexleyheath
24-Jan Cliftonville Burnt Ash
24-Jan Deal Greenwich
24-Jan Medway United BICC
24-Jan Old Holcombeians University of Kent
24-Jan Orpington Reeds
24-Jan Templars Midland Bank
24-Jan Wellcome Rochester & Gillingham
13-Dec Ashford Wellcome
13-Dec Bexleyheath Greenwich
13-Dec BICC Cliftonville
13-Dec Burnt Ash Old Holcombeians
13-Dec Midland Bank Orpington
13-Dec Reeds Deal
13-Dec Rochester & Gillingham Medway United
13-Dec University of Kent Templars
06-Dec Cliftonville Rochester & Gillingham
06-Dec Deal Midland Bank
06-Dec Greenwich Reeds
06-Dec Medway United Ashford
06-Dec Old Holcombeians BICC
06-Dec Orpington University of Kent
06-Dec Templars Burnt Ash
06-Dec Wellcome Bexleyheath
29-Nov Ashford Cliftonville
29-Nov Bexleyheath Reeds
29-Nov BICC Templars
29-Nov Burnt Ash Orpington
29-Nov Midland Bank Greenwich
29-Nov Rochester & Gillingham Old Holcombeians
29-Nov University of Kent Deal
29-Nov Wellcome Medway United
22-Nov Cliftonville Wellcome
22-Nov Deal Burnt Ash
22-Nov Greenwich University of Kent
22-Nov Medway United Bexleyheath
22-Nov Old Holcombeians Ashford
22-Nov Orpington BICC
22-Nov Reeds Midland Bank
22-Nov Templars Rochester & Gillingham
15-Nov Ashford Templars
15-Nov Bexleyheath Midland Bank
15-Nov BICC Deal
15-Nov Burnt Ash Greenwich
15-Nov Medway United Cliftonville
15-Nov Rochester & Gillingham Orpington
15-Nov University of Kent Reeds
15-Nov Wellcome Old Holcombeians
08-Nov Cliftonville Bexleyheath
08-Nov Deal Rochester & Gillingham
08-Nov Greenwich BICC
08-Nov Midland Bank University of Kent
08-Nov Old Holcombeians Medway United
08-Nov Orpington Ashford
08-Nov Reeds Burnt Ash
08-Nov Templars Wellcome
01-Nov Ashford Deal
01-Nov Bexleyheath University of Kent
01-Nov BICC Reeds
01-Nov Burnt Ash Midland Bank
01-Nov Cliftonville Old Holcombeians
01-Nov Medway United Templars
01-Nov Rochester & Gillingham Greenwich
01-Nov Wellcome Orpington
25-Oct Deal Wellcome
25-Oct Greenwich Ashford
25-Oct Midland Bank BICC
25-Oct Old Holcombeians Bexleyheath
25-Oct Orpington Medway United
25-Oct Reeds Rochester & Gillingham
25-Oct Templars Cliftonville
25-Oct University of Kent Burnt Ash