1st XI Kent Area - Division A - 1998-1999

Date Time Home Away Venue Replay
06-Mar Deal Tonbridge
06-Mar Gravesend Sutton Valence
06-Mar Greenwich Polygons Maidstone
06-Mar Old Beccehamians Templars
06-Mar University of Kent Cliftonville
27-Feb Cliftonville Greenwich Polygons
27-Feb Maidstone Gravesend
27-Feb Sutton Valence Old Beccehamians
27-Feb Templars Deal
27-Feb Tonbridge University of Kent
20-Feb Deal Sutton Valence
20-Feb Gravesend Greenwich Polygons
20-Feb Old Beccehamians Maidstone
20-Feb Tonbridge Cliftonville
20-Feb University of Kent Templars
13-Feb Cliftonville Gravesend
13-Feb Greenwich Polygons Old Beccehamians
13-Feb Maidstone Deal
13-Feb Sutton Valence University of Kent
13-Feb Templars Tonbridge
06-Feb Deal Cliftonville
06-Feb Sutton Valence Maidstone
06-Feb Templars Greenwich Polygons
06-Feb Tonbridge Gravesend
06-Feb University of Kent Old Beccehamians
30-Jan Deal Greenwich Polygons
30-Jan Old Beccehamians Gravesend
30-Jan Templars Cliftonville
30-Jan Tonbridge Sutton Valence
30-Jan University of Kent Maidstone
23-Jan Cliftonville Old Beccehamians
23-Jan Gravesend Deal
23-Jan Greenwich Polygons University of Kent
23-Jan Maidstone Tonbridge
23-Jan Sutton Valence Templars
16-Jan Deal Old Beccehamians
16-Jan Sutton Valence Cliftonville
16-Jan Templars Maidstone
16-Jan Tonbridge Greenwich Polygons
16-Jan University of Kent Gravesend
12-Dec Deal University of Kent
12-Dec Gravesend Templars
12-Dec Greenwich Polygons Sutton Valence
12-Dec Maidstone Cliftonville
12-Dec Old Beccehamians Tonbridge
05-Dec Cliftonville University of Kent
05-Dec Maidstone Greenwich Polygons
05-Dec Sutton Valence Gravesend
05-Dec Templars Old Beccehamians
05-Dec Tonbridge Deal
28-Nov Deal Templars
28-Nov Gravesend Maidstone
28-Nov Greenwich Polygons Cliftonville
28-Nov Old Beccehamians Sutton Valence
28-Nov University of Kent Tonbridge
21-Nov Cliftonville Tonbridge
21-Nov Greenwich Polygons Gravesend
21-Nov Maidstone Old Beccehamians
21-Nov Sutton Valence Deal
21-Nov Templars University of Kent
14-Nov Deal Maidstone
14-Nov Gravesend Cliftonville
14-Nov Old Beccehamians Greenwich Polygons
14-Nov Tonbridge Templars
14-Nov University of Kent Sutton Valence
07-Nov Cliftonville Deal
07-Nov Gravesend Tonbridge
07-Nov Greenwich Polygons Templars
07-Nov Maidstone Sutton Valence
07-Nov Old Beccehamians University of Kent
31-Oct Cliftonville Templars
31-Oct Gravesend Old Beccehamians
31-Oct Greenwich Polygons Deal
31-Oct Maidstone University of Kent
31-Oct Sutton Valence Tonbridge
24-Oct Deal Gravesend
24-Oct Old Beccehamians Cliftonville
24-Oct Templars Sutton Valence
24-Oct Tonbridge Maidstone
24-Oct University of Kent Greenwich Polygons
17-Oct Cliftonville Sutton Valence
17-Oct Gravesend University of Kent
17-Oct Greenwich Polygons Tonbridge
17-Oct Maidstone Templars
17-Oct Old Beccehamians Deal
10-Oct Cliftonville Maidstone
10-Oct Sutton Valence Greenwich Polygons
10-Oct Templars Gravesend
10-Oct Tonbridge Old Beccehamians
10-Oct University of Kent Deal