Middlesex Area - Division 2 - 1975-1976

Date Time Home Away Venue Replay
28-Feb Borough Road College Kodak
28-Feb Imperial College St Barts Hospital
14-Feb Brunel University ETESSA
14-Feb Goan Borough Road College
14-Feb Kodak University College Hospital
14-Feb Old Creightonians St Marys College
14-Feb Smiths of England Mill Hill
07-Feb Borough Road College Brunel University
07-Feb Imperial College Smiths of England
07-Feb St Marys College Kodak
31-Jan Brunel University University College Hospital
31-Jan Kodak St Barts Hospital
31-Jan Smiths of England ETESSA
06-Dec Borough Road College Smiths of England
06-Dec St Barts Hospital Goan
06-Dec St Marys College Brunel University
06-Dec University College Hospital Birkbeck College
22-Nov Brunel University St Barts Hospital
22-Nov Goan Old Creightonians
22-Nov Smiths of England University College Hospital
15-Nov Old Creightonians Brunel University
15-Nov St Barts Hospital Birkbeck College
15-Nov St Marys College Smiths of England
15-Nov University College Hospital St Bernards Hospital
08-Nov Brunel University Kodak
08-Nov Smiths of England St Barts Hospital
08-Nov St Bernards Hospital St Marys College
01-Nov Kodak Birkbeck College
01-Nov Old Creightonians Smiths of England
01-Nov St Barts Hospital St Bernards Hospital
01-Nov St Marys College Rolenmil
01-Nov University College Hospital Mill Hill
25-Oct Mill Hill St Marys College
25-Oct Smiths of England Kodak
11-Oct Brunel University Birkbeck College
11-Oct St Barts Hospital Mill Hill