Sussex Area - Division 2 - 1982-1983

Date Time Home Away Venue Replay
12-Feb Hailsham Penguins
12-Feb Haslemere Seaford
12-Feb Littlehampton Brighton Polytechnic
12-Feb St Francis Southwick
12-Feb University of Sussex Adur
05-Feb Adur Littlehampton
05-Feb Brighton Polytechnic St Francis
05-Feb Newhaven Haslemere
05-Feb Penguins University of Sussex
05-Feb Seaford Hailsham
29-Jan Hailsham Newhaven
29-Jan Littlehampton Penguins
29-Jan Southwick Brighton Polytechnic
29-Jan St Francis Adur
29-Jan University of Sussex Seaford
22-Jan Adur Southwick
22-Jan Haslemere Hailsham
22-Jan Newhaven University of Sussex
22-Jan Penguins St Francis
22-Jan Seaford Littlehampton
27-Nov Brighton Polytechnic Adur
27-Nov Littlehampton Newhaven
27-Nov Southwick Penguins
27-Nov St Francis Seaford
27-Nov University of Sussex Haslemere
20-Nov Hailsham University of Sussex
20-Nov Haslemere Littlehampton
20-Nov Newhaven St Francis
20-Nov Penguins Brighton Polytechnic
20-Nov Seaford Southwick
13-Nov Adur Penguins
13-Nov Brighton Polytechnic Seaford
13-Nov Littlehampton Hailsham
13-Nov Southwick Newhaven
13-Nov St Francis Haslemere
30-Oct Hailsham St Francis
30-Oct Haslemere Southwick
30-Oct Newhaven Brighton Polytechnic
30-Oct Seaford Adur
30-Oct University of Sussex Littlehampton
23-Oct Adur Newhaven
23-Oct Brighton Polytechnic Haslemere
23-Oct Penguins Seaford
23-Oct Southwick Hailsham
23-Oct St Francis University of Sussex
16-Oct Hailsham Brighton Polytechnic
16-Oct Haslemere Adur
16-Oct Littlehampton St Francis
16-Oct Newhaven Penguins
16-Oct University of Sussex Southwick
09-Oct Adur Hailsham
09-Oct Brighton Polytechnic University of Sussex
09-Oct Penguins Haslemere
09-Oct Seaford Newhaven
09-Oct Southwick Littlehampton