Kent Area - Division 2 - 1978-1979

Date Time Home Score Away Venue Replay
24-Mar Bexleyheath 0 : 1 Sutton Valence < 17-Feb
M Payne (2)
2 : 1 Royal Engineers < 28-Oct
03-Mar Britannic House RASRA
03-Mar Herne Bay Sutton Valence
03-Mar Midland Bank 2 : 1
Bob Malins
03-Mar Royal Engineers Orpington
03-Mar Templars Medway United
03-Mar University of Kent BICC
03-Mar Wellcome Bexleyheath
24-Feb BICC Templars
24-Feb Medway United Royal Engineers
24-Feb Orpington Britannic House
24-Feb RASRA Herne Bay
24-Feb Sutton Valence 2 : 2 Midland Bank
24-Feb Thanetians 0 : 3 Bexleyheath
24-Feb University of Kent Wellcome
17-Feb Bexleyheath P : P Sutton Valence > 24-Mar
17-Feb Britannic House Medway United
17-Feb Herne Bay Orpington
17-Feb Midland Bank RASRA
17-Feb Royal Engineers BICC
17-Feb Templars University of Kent
17-Feb Wellcome Thanetians
10-Feb BICC Britannic House
10-Feb Medway United Herne Bay
10-Feb Orpington Midland Bank
10-Feb RASRA 1 : 4 Bexleyheath
10-Feb Sutton Valence 2 : 0 Thanetians
10-Feb Templars Wellcome
10-Feb University of Kent Royal Engineers
03-Feb Bexleyheath Orpington
03-Feb Britannic House University of Kent
03-Feb Herne Bay BICC
03-Feb Midland Bank Medway United
03-Feb Royal Engineers Templars
03-Feb Thanetians 0 : 2 RASRA
03-Feb Wellcome Sutton Valence
09-Dec BICC 6 : 1 Midland Bank
09-Dec Medway United Bexleyheath
09-Dec Orpington 0 : 0 Thanetians
09-Dec RASRA Sutton Valence
09-Dec Royal Engineers Wellcome
09-Dec Templars 4 : 4 Britannic House
09-Dec University of Kent 0 : 3 Herne Bay
02-Dec Bexleyheath 1 : 0 BICC
02-Dec Britannic House Royal Engineers
02-Dec Herne Bay 2 : 0 Templars
02-Dec Midland Bank University of Kent
02-Dec Sutton Valence 0 : 1 Orpington
02-Dec Thanetians Medway United
02-Dec Wellcome RASRA
25-Nov BICC Thanetians
25-Nov Britannic House Wellcome
25-Nov Medway United Sutton Valence
25-Nov Orpington RASRA
25-Nov Royal Engineers Herne Bay
25-Nov Templars Midland Bank
25-Nov University of Kent Bexleyheath
18-Nov Bexleyheath Templars
18-Nov Herne Bay Britannic House
18-Nov Midland Bank Royal Engineers
18-Nov RASRA Medway United
18-Nov Sutton Valence BICC
Paul Bing
1 : 2 University of Kent
18-Nov Wellcome Orpington
04-Nov Britannic House Midland Bank
Herne Bay
Jeff Dawson (ps 55), Tim Bowell (ps), Paul Taylor (2) (pc) (pc)
4 : 3 Wellcome
04-Nov Medway United Orpington
04-Nov Royal Engineers Bexleyheath
04-Nov Templars 2 : 0 Thanetians
04-Nov University of Kent Sutton Valence
28-Oct Bexleyheath 1 : 0 Britannic House
28-Oct Midland Bank Herne Bay
28-Oct Orpington BICC
28-Oct RASRA 1 : 2 University of Kent
28-Oct Sutton Valence 0 : 2 Templars
28-Oct Thanetians P : P Royal Engineers > 10-Mar
28-Oct Wellcome Medway United
21-Oct BICC Medway United
21-Oct Britannic House 4 : 0 Thanetians
21-Oct Herne Bay 0 : 1 Bexleyheath
21-Oct Midland Bank Wellcome
21-Oct Royal Engineers Sutton Valence
21-Oct Templars 2 : 2 RASRA
21-Oct University of Kent Orpington
14-Oct Bexleyheath Midland Bank
14-Oct Medway United University of Kent
14-Oct Orpington Templars
14-Oct RASRA Royal Engineers
14-Oct Sutton Valence Britannic House
14-Oct Thanetians 0 : 2 Herne Bay
14-Oct Wellcome BICC