Kent Area - Division 2 - 1982-1983

Date Time Home Score Away Venue Replay
19-Feb Bowaters Midland Bank
19-Feb Britannic House Belvedere
19-Feb Burnt Ash Sutton Valence
19-Feb Deal Orpington
19-Feb Guys Hospital Bexleyheath
19-Feb Reeds Sikh Youth
19-Feb University of Kent Templars
12-Feb Belvedere Reeds
12-Feb Bexleyheath Deal
12-Feb Midland Bank University of Kent
12-Feb Orpington Britannic House
12-Feb Sikh Youth Burnt Ash
12-Feb Sutton Valence Bowaters
12-Feb Templars Guys Hospital
05-Feb Bowaters Sikh Youth
05-Feb Britannic House Bexleyheath
05-Feb Burnt Ash Reeds
05-Feb Deal Templars
05-Feb Guys Hospital Midland Bank
05-Feb Orpington Belvedere
05-Feb University of Kent Sutton Valence
29-Jan Belvedere Burnt Ash
29-Jan Bexleyheath Orpington
29-Jan Midland Bank Deal
29-Jan Reeds Bowaters
29-Jan Sikh Youth University of Kent
29-Jan Sutton Valence Guys Hospital
29-Jan Templars Britannic House
22-Jan Bexleyheath Belvedere
22-Jan Bowaters Burnt Ash
22-Jan Britannic House Midland Bank
22-Jan Deal Sutton Valence
22-Jan Guys Hospital Sikh Youth
22-Jan Orpington Templars
22-Jan University of Kent Reeds
04-Dec Belvedere Bowaters
04-Dec Burnt Ash University of Kent
04-Dec Midland Bank Orpington
04-Dec Reeds Guys Hospital
04-Dec Sikh Youth Deal
04-Dec Sutton Valence Britannic House
04-Dec Templars Bexleyheath
27-Nov Belvedere Templars
27-Nov Bexleyheath Midland Bank
27-Nov Britannic House Sikh Youth
27-Nov Deal Reeds
27-Nov Guys Hospital Burnt Ash
27-Nov Orpington Sutton Valence
27-Nov University of Kent Bowaters
20-Nov Bowaters Guys Hospital
20-Nov Burnt Ash Deal
20-Nov Midland Bank Templars
20-Nov Reeds Britannic House
20-Nov Sikh Youth Orpington
20-Nov Sutton Valence Bexleyheath
20-Nov University of Kent Belvedere
13-Nov Belvedere Midland Bank
13-Nov Bexleyheath Sikh Youth
13-Nov Britannic House Burnt Ash
13-Nov Deal Bowaters
13-Nov Guys Hospital University of Kent
13-Nov Orpington Reeds
13-Nov Templars Sutton Valence
30-Oct Bowaters Britannic House
30-Oct Burnt Ash Orpington
30-Oct Guys Hospital Belvedere
30-Oct Reeds Bexleyheath
30-Oct Sikh Youth Templars
30-Oct Sutton Valence Midland Bank
30-Oct University of Kent Deal
23-Oct Belvedere Sutton Valence
23-Oct Bexleyheath Burnt Ash
23-Oct Britannic House University of Kent
23-Oct Deal Guys Hospital
23-Oct Midland Bank Sikh Youth
23-Oct Orpington Bowaters
23-Oct Templars Reeds
16-Oct Bowaters Bexleyheath
16-Oct Burnt Ash Templars
16-Oct Deal Belvedere
16-Oct Guys Hospital Britannic House
16-Oct Reeds Midland Bank
16-Oct Sikh Youth Sutton Valence
16-Oct University of Kent Orpington
09-Oct Belvedere Sikh Youth
09-Oct Bexleyheath University of Kent
09-Oct Britannic House Deal
09-Oct Midland Bank Burnt Ash
09-Oct Orpington Guys Hospital
09-Oct Sutton Valence Reeds
09-Oct Templars Bowaters