Sussex Area - Division 1 - 1980-1981

Date Time Home Score Away Venue Replay
07-Mar Crowborough Crawley
07-Mar Eastbourne Mid-Sussex
07-Mar Middleton University of Sussex
07-Mar St Francis Littlehampton
28-Feb Crawley Littlehampton
28-Feb Eastbourne St Francis
28-Feb Mid-Sussex Middleton
28-Feb University of Sussex Crowborough
21-Feb Crowborough Mid-Sussex
21-Feb Littlehampton University of Sussex
21-Feb Middleton Eastbourne
21-Feb St Francis Crawley
14-Feb Crawley Crowborough
14-Feb Littlehampton St Francis
14-Feb Mid-Sussex Eastbourne
14-Feb University of Sussex Middleton
07-Feb Eastbourne Crowborough
07-Feb Middleton St Francis
07-Feb Mid-Sussex Littlehampton
07-Feb University of Sussex Crawley
31-Jan Crawley Mid-Sussex
31-Jan Crowborough Middleton
31-Jan Littlehampton Eastbourne
31-Jan St Francis University of Sussex
06-Dec Crawley Middleton
06-Dec Littlehampton Crowborough
06-Dec St Francis Mid-Sussex
06-Dec University of Sussex Eastbourne
29-Nov Crowborough St Francis
29-Nov Eastbourne Crawley
29-Nov Middleton Littlehampton
29-Nov Mid-Sussex University of Sussex
22-Nov Eastbourne Littlehampton
22-Nov Middleton Crowborough
22-Nov Mid-Sussex Crawley
22-Nov University of Sussex St Francis
15-Nov Crawley University of Sussex
15-Nov Crowborough Eastbourne
15-Nov Littlehampton Mid-Sussex
15-Nov St Francis Middleton
01-Nov Crowborough Littlehampton
01-Nov Eastbourne University of Sussex
01-Nov Middleton Crawley
01-Nov Mid-Sussex St Francis
25-Oct Crawley Eastbourne
25-Oct Littlehampton Middleton
25-Oct St Francis Crowborough
25-Oct University of Sussex Mid-Sussex
18-Oct Crowborough University of Sussex
18-Oct Littlehampton Crawley
18-Oct Middleton Mid-Sussex
18-Oct St Francis Eastbourne
11-Oct Crawley St Francis
11-Oct Eastbourne Middleton
11-Oct Mid-Sussex Crowborough
11-Oct University of Sussex Littlehampton