Surrey Area - Division 2 - 1972-1973

Date Time Home Away Venue Replay
09-Dec Claygate University of Surrey
25-Nov Old Mid Whitgiftians Claygate
18-Nov Claygate National Westminster Bank
04-Nov Bank of England Claygate
04-Nov Croydon MO Barclays Bank
04-Nov GLC Staff Camberley
04-Nov National Westminster Bank University of Surrey
04-Nov Old Mid Whitgiftians Haslemere
28-Oct Barclays Bank Claygate
28-Oct Croydon MO Bank of England
28-Oct Haslemere Camberley
28-Oct National Westminster Bank Old Mid Whitgiftians
28-Oct University of Surrey GLC Staff
14-Oct Bank of England Barclays Bank
14-Oct Claygate Camberley
14-Oct GLC Staff National Westminster Bank
14-Oct Haslemere Croydon MO
14-Oct University of Surrey Old Mid Whitgiftians