Surrey Area - Division 3 - 1976-1977

Date Time Home Away Venue Replay
05-Feb Banstead Hospital Tooting Bec Hospital
05-Feb Kingston Polytechnic Kings College Hospital
05-Feb Royal Dental College East Molesey
05-Feb Royal Holloway College Claygate
05-Feb University of Surrey Westminster Hospital
29-Jan Banstead Hospital Kings College Hospital
29-Jan Claygate Royal Dental College
29-Jan East Molesey Kingston Polytechnic
29-Jan University of Surrey Tooting Bec Hospital
29-Jan Westminster Hospital Royal Holloway College
04-Dec Kings College Hospital East Molesey
04-Dec Kingston Polytechnic Claygate
04-Dec Royal Dental College University of Surrey
04-Dec Royal Holloway College Banstead Hospital
04-Dec Westminster Hospital Tooting Bec Hospital
20-Nov Banstead Hospital Royal Dental College
20-Nov Claygate Kings College Hospital
20-Nov Kingston Polytechnic University of Surrey
20-Nov Royal Holloway College Tooting Bec Hospital
20-Nov Westminster Hospital East Molesey
13-Nov East Molesey Claygate
13-Nov Kings College Hospital Westminster Hospital
13-Nov Kingston Polytechnic Banstead Hospital
13-Nov Royal Dental College Tooting Bec Hospital
13-Nov University of Surrey Royal Holloway College
06-Nov Banstead Hospital East Molesey
06-Nov Claygate Tooting Bec Hospital
06-Nov Royal Holloway College Royal Dental College
06-Nov University of Surrey Kings College Hospital
06-Nov Westminster Hospital Kingston Polytechnic
30-Oct Claygate Banstead Hospital
30-Oct Kings College Hospital Royal Holloway College
30-Oct Kingston Polytechnic Tooting Bec Hospital
30-Oct Royal Dental College Westminster Hospital
30-Oct University of Surrey East Molesey
23-Oct Banstead Hospital University of Surrey
23-Oct Kings College Hospital Tooting Bec Hospital
23-Oct Royal Dental College Kingston Polytechnic
23-Oct Royal Holloway College East Molesey
23-Oct Westminster Hospital Claygate
09-Oct Banstead Hospital Westminster Hospital
09-Oct Claygate University of Surrey
09-Oct East Molesey Tooting Bec Hospital
09-Oct Kings College Hospital Royal Dental College
09-Oct Kingston Polytechnic Royal Holloway College